CFP: Special Issue of Synthese on the Notion of Reliability

Guest Editors: Stefano Bonzio (UnivPM Ancona), Jürgen Landes (LMU Munich), and Barbara Osimani (UnivPM Ancona)

Current political, social and even scientific debates all hinge upon whether data, inferences and/or belief forming processes are reliable (the replication crisis and fake news are just tips of the iceberg). We are calling for philosophical/methodological contributions which help us through these difficult circumstances.

Given the variety of intertwined problems we are calling for contributions addressing the notion of reliability [broadly construed]. In particular, we are calling for contributions to
– reliability, its uses and models in the sciences and methodologies (e.g., empirical, theoretical, social);
– reliability in the philosophy of the sciences, including, among other approaches, formal epistemology;
– traditional main-stream approaches to reliability;
– reliability and the replication crisis and
– reliable inference.

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The deadline for submissions is 11 November 2018. Please, submit your contributions via the editorial manager online. Make sure to select this SI when selecting an article type.