Eikón Imago: Call for articles extended to April 30, 2020

We want to present our Eikón / Imago Scientific Journal, edited by the CAPIRE Research Team of the Complutense University of Madrid. It is an annual academic publication whose research interest focuses on iconography and visual culture, from a thematic scope that encompasses the forms and meanings of the images of any era, culture or country, as well as any thematic, typological or disciplinary variant: religious, mythological, political, musical, fantastic, animalistic and other.

Each issue of Eikón / Imago Magazine consists of three sections:

  • Miscellany: related to any aspect of the general thematic coverage of the Journal (free peer review articles).
  • Monographic: the topic change every year. This year 2020 it is: War and Otherness. Images of the Enemy in the Visual Culture, from the Middle Ages to Nowadays (ed. by Borja Franco)
  • Reviews and Chronicles of new books, exhibitions, and conferences.

We are accepting article proposals for the monographic and miscellaneous sections before April 30th 2020 (deadline extended).

You can find more about us or write to us at eikonimago@ucm.es.

Digital Publication – Making and Knowing Project’s Secrets of Craft and Nature

The Making and Knowing Project celebrates the publication of Secrets of Craft and Nature in Renaissance France. A Digital Critical Edition and English Translation of BnF Ms. Fr. 640, a remarkable sixteenth-century manuscript held by the Bibliothèque nationale de France. The manuscript contains over 900 recipes for making art objects, medical remedies, and materials for the household and workshop. Its observations on craft workshop practices record extensive first-hand experimentation with natural materials, and provide unique insights into the material, technical, and intellectual world of the late sixteenth century. It sheds light on how and why nature was investigated, collected, and used in art in early modern Europe, and on the origins of the natural sciences in the creative labors of Renaissance artists and artisans’ workshops. The digital critical edition is openly accessible.

Secrets of Craft and Nature in Renaissance France presents the text of the manuscript in French transcription and English translation for the first time. Over 100 essays written by students and scholars explore the manuscript’s material and historical context and discuss the hands-on reconstruction of its processes in the Making and Knowing Laboratory.

Making and Knowing Project, Pamela H. Smith, Naomi Rosenkranz, Tianna Helena Uchacz, Tillmann Taape, Clément Godbarge, Sophie Pitman, Jenny Boulboullé, Joel Klein, Donna Bilak, Marc Smith, and Terry Catapano, eds., Secrets of Craft and Nature in Renaissance France. A Digital Critical Edition and English Translation of BnF Ms. Fr. 640 (New York: Making and Knowing Project, 2020), http://edition640.makingandknowing.org.