Call for proposals: Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (1976–)

Background: the journal

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews (ISR) is a quarterly journal that aims
to set contemporary and historical developments in the natural and
social sciences, engineering and technology into their social and
cultural contexts and to illumine their interrelations with the
humanities and arts. Much more is said about ISR’s intellectual project
in an editorial that appeared in the journal at the beginning of
last year. I attach it, below.

Most of ISR’s issues are devoted to specific though wide-ranging themes;
approximately one issue per year is for unsolicited essays. Examples of
the thematic issues from the recent past are the Two Cultures Debate
(41.2-3), Software and Scholarship (40.4), Theatre and Science (39.3),
Master and Servant in Technoscience (37.4) and Computational Picturing
(37.1). In 2010 ISR devoted a double-issue to the work of the historian
of ancient science G.E.R Lloyd (35.3-4, freely downloadable). It
included an essay by Lloyd, “History and human nature”, to which 15
colleagues responded. For 2018 a similar double-issue on the work of
anthropologist Tim Ingold is currently underway.

The thematic issues are guest-edited; some of them take on a life of
their own and become reference points in the fields they address.

The call: Interdisciplinary Engineering

On behalf of ISR allow me to issue this call for proposals, in the first
instance on the topic of engineering with the emphasis on knowing
through making and on world-building. Computationally orientated
contributions would be welcome, but the aim should be to include a wide
range of philosophical, historical, biological and anthropological
disciplines. Hands-on, embodied, motile, experimental and exploratory
perspectives would be most welcome.

Whatever our academic paymasters may say, editing such an issue offers a
significant opportunity — as well as a not insignificant amount of
work. Experience suggests, however, that such burdens are light.

ISR is completely booked until late 2019, so there is time to find
contributors, negotiate with them and manage their submissions. If you
are interested please write to Willard McCarty (
A proposal should be no more than 2 pages in length. Kindly include a c.v. or URL.