Call for Papers, Closed Panels, Roundtables, Making and Doing Presentations, Film and New Media Screenings, and Meet Ups

4S 2021

Toronto and Worldwide

6-9 October

Call for Papers, Closed Panels, Roundtables, Making and Doing Presentations, Film and New Media Screenings, and Meet Ups

Deadline: March 8, 2021


We invite submissions that connect to the theme of Good Relations: Practices and Methods in Unequal and Uncertain Worlds. What does it mean in practice to strive towards good relations as humans, with technologies, in our modes of knowing, within environments, across distance, and with other-than-humans? We invite reflections on the practices of relations making at every scale. Although the relations that help constitute us are not always “good,” they are relations nonetheless. We might consider, for example, practices of consent in our own research, protocols of a lab, the ways we assemble in a conference, or our responsibilities for addressing structural violence. We invite scholarship that critically addresses the methods and practices that maintain oppressions within technoscience, especially as our universities increasingly become neoliberal places of “production.” We invite these reflections in relationship to the insurgence of white supremacy and colonialism, the intensity of grief, and continuing struggles against long standing oppressions at personal and structural scales. In foregrounding questions of practice and method, we hope the conference will provide a way to learn from one another about our ongoing experiments. Read the full theme description here.

There are many ways to participate in the 2021 4S Annual Meeting: presenting a paper, organizing or participating in a curated panel, serving as a discussant, presenting a Making and Doing session, screening your film or new media work, assembling a roundtable conversation, or organizing a more informal meetup around a particular theme or interest. We encourage people interested in presenting papers to submit to an appropriate open panel if possible.

We are planning a hybrid conference with a prominent online component and will make decisions on the in-person component of the conference when we know more about what is possible.  We hope that 4S 2021 will have a lively participation across a range of online formats.

Submissions close March 8.

To continue, read the full Call for Submissions and Participation Guidelines.

We look forward to your participation!

Michelle Murphy, Beth Coleman, Patrick Keilty, and Kim TallBear, Conference Co-Chairs, and Joan Fujimura, 4S President.


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