Call for an Editor-in-Chief for the Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers

Please read the note from Thomas Hockey below:

My publisher, Springer, recently approached me about a potential third edition of the BEA.  (AAS/HAD’s awarding the BEA 2nd. edition with the AAS/HAD Osterbrock Prize may have played a part in their decision.)  Yet I believe that it is time for me to retire to Editor-in-Chief Emeritus.  Should Springer decide to proceed, my role will be to recommend to Springer a new Editor-in-Chief and advise him or her the best I can.

For instance, it will be up to the new Editor-in-Chief to bring to the project a new board of editors and establish a royalties distribution–to be approved by Springer.  (Some of the crack editors from editions 1 and 2 may wish to continue on.)  The Editor-in-Chief also commissions article authors and has the last say on writing style, adherence to guidelines, and content.  The BEA is published in English.

There should be approximately 200 new entries to add to those 1,800 already in the 2nd edition.   There are still some figures from past centuries whom it would be beneficial to include; however, as the birth date limit for BEA 2 was 1920, there will be many persons born in the 1920s yet to add.  The topics of new articles are up to the Editor-in-Chief.  The number of portraits should be increased by approximately ten percent.

I would imagine that the 3rd edition would be published in 2021 or sooner; thus staffing should commence relatively soon.  Ideally, interested parties will be able to discuss the project with a Springer representative and me at January’s AAS/HAD meeting.  For instance, it could then be decided whether the  BEA III is to be paper bound, or e-subscription only.

If there is interest in this rewarding but long-term position, please e-mail me for specifics, at the address below.

Thomas Hockey

Editor-in-Chief, the Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers