Asian Medicines and COVID-19 An IASTAM-webinar

Asian Medicines and COVID-19

An IASTAM-webinar

October 22nd 2020

New York 9am,  

London 2pm,  

Berlin 3pm,

Beijing & Singapore 9pm, 

Sydney 11pm


Shelley Ochs

Beijing Center for China Studies &

Thomas Avery Garran

China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences 

Tawni Tidwell

University of Wisconsin

Marta Hanson

Johns Hopkins University

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Robust responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have not only come from biomedical healthcare workers. Researchers and clinicians in the world’s traditional healthcare systems have also mounted large-scale and localised efforts. Despite the racialized and politicised representations of these efforts in Anglophone media, serious professionals have been performing ongoing research, protocols, and clinical treatments, and have met with clinical successes. This webinar will present ongoing and recently published clinical trials of COVID-19 treatments with traditional medicine in China and in Tibetan communities in the US.

Each presentation will last half an hour, and then there will be half an hour for wrap-up.

For abstracts of the presentations, please click here.


Michael Stanley-Baker NTU, Singapore


Angelika C. Messner IASTAM-president

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