Asian Medicine Journal Special Issue TOC: “Medicines and Memories in South Asia”

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Lisa Brooks, Anthony Cerulli, and Victoria Sheldon
Special Issue of Asian Medicine, Volume 15 (2020): Issue 1 (Nov 2020):  “Medicines and Memories in South Asia” 

Guest Editors: Lisa Allette Brooks, Anthony Cerulli, and Victoria Sheldon

Table of Contents:


Note from the Editor-in-Chief,” 1-2

Pierce Salguero

Introduction, “Medicines and Memories in South Asia,” 3-9

Lisa Allette BrooksAnthony Cerulli, and Victoria Sheldon

Patienthood, Body, and Life Span: Approaching Death in the Carakasaṃhitā,” 10-29

Kathleen Longwaters

A Surgeon’s Hand: Reflections on Surgical Tactility in Early Ayurveda,” 30–62

Lisa Allette Brooks

A Hakim’s Tale: A Physician’s Reflections from Medieval India,” 63–82

Shireen Hamza

Imagining Indian Medicine: Epistemic Virtues and Dissonant Temporalities in the Usman Report, 1923,” 83–106

Sabrina Datoo

From Lebensreform to Swadeshi: Vithal Das Modi and the Development of Nature Cure in India,”107–132

Joseph S. Alter

To Do Nothing: Revising Good Aging and Reviving Pre-toxic Pasts at a Kerala Nature Cure Home,” 133–160

Victoria Sheldon

Are Dalit Women Healers Allowed to Claim ‘Tradition’?: The Phenomenology and Politics of Tradition in Rural Tamil Nadu,” 161–182

Kalpana Ram

Epilogue: Healing Concerns in South Asian Texts, Histories, and Societies,” 183–196

Anthony Cerulli


Book Reviews:


Tibetan Medicine, Buddhism and Psychiatry: Mental Health and Healing in a Tibetan Exile Community, written by Susannah Deane, Author: Barbara Gerke, Pages: 197–199


Depression in Kerala: Ayurveda and Mental Health Care in 21st-Century India , written by Claudia Lang, Author: Murphy Halliburton, Pages: 200–202


Society, Medicine and Politics in Colonial India , edited by Biswamoy Pati and Mark Harrison, Author: Arnab Chakraborty, Pages: 203–205


Capturing Quicksilver: The Position, Power, and Plasticity of Chinese Medicine in Singapore , written by Arielle A. Smith, Author: Victor Kumar, Pages: 206–208


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