April HPS&ST Newsletter

The April HPS&ST Newsletter is on the web.


  • Introduction
  • Teaching philosophy of science to students from other disciplines, European Journal of Philosophy of Science, Thematic Issue
  • Science & Education, “Science Education in the Era of a Pandemic”, Contributions Invited
  • UNILOG 2021 – The 7th World Congress on Universal Logic, Kolymbari, Crete, March 28 – April 7, 2021
  • Interuniversitary Institute for Science Studies (IILP)
  • A Layperson’s Guide to Epidemiological Modelling, Alexander Bird
  • Lakatos Award, 2021
  • Opinion Page I:  Replicable, Reproducible, and Generalizable: Implications of Scientific Hallmarks for Research in Education, Norm Lederman
  • Opinion Page II:  Is Reproducibility a Realistic Norm for Scientific Research into Teaching? Keith S. Taber
  • Vale: Mark Steiner (1942-2020)
  • PhD Theses in HPS&ST Domain
  • Recent HPS&ST Research Articles
  • Recent HPS&ST Related Books
  • Coming HPS&ST Related Conferences
  • HPS&ST Related Organisations and Websites

The Table of Contents and web-link of the HPS&ST Newsletter is sent monthly to about 8,500 individuals who directly or indirectly have an interest in the connections of history and philosophy of science with theoretical, curricular and pedagogical issues in science teaching, and/or interests in the promotion of more engaging and effective teaching of the history and philosophy of science.  The newsletter is readable and downloadable from the website above.

The newsletter is also sent to different HPS lists and to science education lists.

The newsletter seeks to serve the diverse international community of HPS&ST scholars and teachers by disseminating information about events and publications that connect to HPS&ST concerns.

Contributions to the newsletter (publications, thematic issues, conferences, Opinion Page, etc.) are welcome and should be sent direct to the editor:

Michael R. Matthews, UNSW, m.matthews@unsw.edu.au.

If you have friends, colleagues or students who would like to subscribe to the list, tell them to send a message to: hpsst-list-subscribe@lists.unsw.edu.au. There is no need for subject header or any message; the email itself suffices for addition to the hpsst-list.

This newsletter is being posted in troubled times. The obituary note for Mark Steiner, a philosopher of mathematics who sadly died of COVID-19, is an indicator of just how troubled for all are the times.

Best wishes,
Michael Matthews