“Another Silent Spring: Thinking about Environment and Health in the Era of COVID-19” An Online Lecture Series, Renmin University of China

“Another Silent Spring: Thinking about Environment and Health in the Era of COVID-19” An Online Lecture Series


Sponsored by the School of History, The Center for Ecological History and the Center for Medical History, Renmin University of China


Conveners: Shen Hou and Hao Chen (Renmin University of China)



Lecture 1

Mar. 17 (Wednesday)

Christof Mauch (The Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society; Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München), “The Plague Comes to America: Racism, Science and Politics in US History”


Lecture 2

April. 3 (Saturday)

Andy Horowitz (Tulane University), “New Orleans’s History, America’s Future: Katrina, Covid, and the Climate Crisis”


Lecture 3

April 14 (Wednesday)

Ari Larrisa Heinrich (Australia National University), “How China Became the ’Sleeping Lion’: Frankenstein’s Diplomacy”


Lecture 4

April 27 (Tuesday)

Mary Augusta Brazelton (University of Cambridge), “Mass Immunization and Disease Control in Modern China: From Public to Global Health, 1937-78”


Lecture 5

May 8 (Saturday)

Jennifer Derr (University of California, Santa Cruz), “The Alternate Histories and Analytical Possibilities of the Environmental Body: The View from 20th-Century Egypt”


Lecture 6

May 29 (Saturday)

Conevery Valencius (Boston College), “Health and Environment in the Early United States”


Lecture 7

June 8 (Tuesday)

Frédéric Keck (CNRS Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale), “Pandemic Preparedness: From Avian Influenza to SARS-Cov”


Lecture 8

June 24 (Thursday)

Marco Armiero (Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm), “Wasteocene. Stories of Contamination and Commoning”