Announcing the 2019-2020 Fellows of the Beckman Center at the Science History Institute

The Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry, at the Science History Institute (formerly Chemical Heritage Foundation) in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce its 2019–2020 class of fellows. For more information, visit the Beckman Center website.

 Two-Year 80/20 Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Rebecca Kaplan (2nd Year), Cain Postdoctoral Fellow, “Treating Animals: Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in the United States during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries”
  • Ingrid Ockert (2nd Year), Haas Postdoctoral Fellow, “The Scientific Storytellers: How Educators, Scientists, and Actors Televised Science”
  • Lisa Ruth Rand (1st Year from the Consortium of History of Science, Technology, and Medicine), Haas Postdoctoral Fellow, “Space Junk: A History of Waste in Orbit”
  • Charlotte Amalie Abney Salomon (1st Year from Yale University), Price Postdoctoral Fellow, “Products of the Mineral Kingdom: Mineralogy in Sweden, 1750-1820”

Dissertation Fellows (9 months in residence)

  • Sara Ray (University of Pennsylvania), Science History Institute Fellow, “Monsters in the Cabinet: Anatomical Collecting and Abnormal Bodies, 1697-1849”
  • Alexandra Straub (Temple University), Cain Dissertation Fellow, “Making Pure Water: A History of Water Softening from Potash to Tide”
  • Courtney Tanner Wilder (University of Michigan), Allington Dissertation Fellow, “Novel Impressions in Printed Textiles, 1815-1851”

Short-Term Fellows

  • Donna Alexandra Bilak (Columbia University), Allington Fellow, “Trans-Atlantic Chymistry: The Letters and Library of John Allin (1623-1683)” [4 months]
  • George Daniel Elliott (Brown University), Ullyot Scholar, “Alchemy in the Home: Colonial Connecticut and Household Science in the Seventeenth-Century Anglo-Atlantic” [2 months]
  • Christopher Halm (University of Regensburg), Doan Fellow, “Marl and Soil Analyses in the Early History of Agricultural Chemistry” [4 months]
  • Elizabeth Neswald (Brock University), Doan Fellow, “Material Culture and Practices of Diabetes Management in the Twentieth Century” [2 months]
  • Cristina Marie Nigro (University of California, San Francisco), Doan Fellow, “The Active Brain – A history of the electrophysiological and molecular study of cognition in the 20th century” [1 month]
  • Tristan Edward Revells (Columbia University), Mistry Fellow, “From Bad Booze to Biofuel – Alcohol, Global Standards, and China’s First Alternative Energy Industry (1892-1946)” [2 months]
  • Jennifer Tucker (Wesleyan University), Seidel Fellow, “Dangerous Exposures: Work and Waste in the Victorian Chemical Trade” [1 month]