Announcing the 2016-17 Fellows of the Beckman Center at CHF

The Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry, at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia, is pleased to announce its 2016-2017 class of fellows.  For more information about the Beckman Center and its programs, see

Cain Senior Fellow (4 months in residence)

  1. Frank Zelko (University of Vermont). “Precious Bodily Fluids: What the History of Fluoride Tells Us About Science, Public Health, and the Politics of Knowledge”

Long-Term Postdoctoral Fellows (9-months in residence)

  1. Thomas Apel (Menlo College). Haas Fellowship: “Translating Lavoisier: French Chemistry and the Making of American Science, 1790-1830.”
  2. Agnieszka Rec (Yale University). Herdegen Fellowship: “Blood is Thicker than Aqua Regia: Alchemical Networks in Sixteenth-Century Central and Eastern Europe.”
  3. Jean-Olivier Richard (Johns Hopkins University). Cain Fellowship: “Mixture Makers: The Role of Mankind in Père Castel’s Matter Theory.”

Long-Term Dissertation Fellows (9 months in residence)

  1. Cari Casteel (Auburn University). Price Fellowship: “The Odor of Things: Deodorant, Gender, and Olfaction in the United States.”
  2. Kirsten Moore-Sheeley (Johns Hopkins University). Haas Fellowship: “Nothing But Nets: History of Insecticide Treated Nets, 1980s-Present.”
  3. Elisabeth Moreau (Université Libre de Bruxelles). Haas Fellowship: “The Composition of Life and Health: Elements, Particles, and Atoms in Late Renaissance Physiology.”

Short-Term Fellows

  1. Sarah Ehlers (University of Leicester). “Pharmaceutical Crossings: Chemotherapeutic Research between Europe, Colonial Africa, and the US.” (2 months)
  2. Lynne Friedmann (Freelance Science Writer). “Ink Chemists of the Industrial Revolution.” (3 months)
  3. Ute Frietsch (HAB Wolfenbüttel). “Hidden helpers? An investigation into women’s activities in early modern alchemy/chymistry.” (3 months)
  4. Marieke Hendriksen (Utrecht University). “Boerhaave’s mineral chemistry and its influence on eighteenth-century pharmacy.” (1 month)
  5. Gabriel Moshenska (University College London). “The development of gas masks in the early twentieth century.” (2 months)
  6. Ingemar Pettersson (Uppsala University). “Masters of flavor: Sensory analysis and high industrial food.” (2 months)
  7. Marlise Rijks (Ghent University). “By human hands. Counterfeiting nature in early modern Europe.” (1 month)
  8. Michael Rossi (University of Chicago). “Between Objectivity, Subjectivity, and Aesthetics: Color Chemistry, Measurement and Manufacture, 1830 to 1930.” (2 months)
  9. Sharon Ruston (Lancaster University). “The Collected Letters of Sir Humphry Davy.” (2 months)
  10. Oscar Torres (Colegio de Mexico). “Miners, Oilmen and Chemists: Globalization and Technology in Mexican Sulphur Industry (1920 – 1972).” (2 months)
  11. Mark Waddell (Michigan State University). “The Devil’s Cure: Magical Medicine and the Problem of Plausibility in the Seventeenth Century.” (1 month)