AAHM Updates: 2021 Call for Papers and Resources

Three updates from AAHM:


1. The submission system for the 2021 Call for Papers is open!  Consider submitting an abstract for the 2021 meeting. The deadline for submissions is September 30th. For additional details and to submit an abstract go here: https://www.histmed.org/cfp2021 

2.  The American Historical Association has launched the Bibliography of Historians Responses to COVID-19. Many of you contributed to this bibliography.  AHA is still accepting submissions here: https://www.historians.org/news-and-advocacy/everything-has-a-history/a-bibliography-of-historians-responses-to-covid-19

AAHM members can connect to these resources from the website on the COVID 19 Resources page or the History of Medicine Resources page  

AHA has also launched Remote Teaching Resources to help our members and colleagues with the challenges of being a historian, and a history teacher, in a virtual environment. This ongoing project compiles materials and tools to aid historians in developing courses and teaching remotely in online and hybrid environments, providing a central location where instructors can access high-quality materials that meet professional standards. All resources are vetted by a team of historians at the AHA. Remote Teaching Resources is part of “Confronting a Pandemic: Historians and COVID-19,” which has been made possible by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, using funding from the CARES Act. [Many AAHM members contributed to this.]

How to Use: Simply visit the site and find the resource you need. Remote Teaching Resources includes accessibility guides, pedagogy resources, and materials specific to a range of places, eras, topics, and fields. Resources are available in a wide range of formats, including filmed lectures, podcasts, short videos, lesson plans, syllabi, assignments, primary sources with discussion questions, online museum exhibits, maps, and a wide range of digital history projects useful for instruction.

How to Submit: To maximize the number and range of resources available prior to the fall semester, the AHA encourages historians to submit teaching materials to the project using this form. No contribution is too small. New resources will be uploaded weekly through December 31, 2020. We encourage you to use these resources in your classes and to share them with colleagues. Please share the call for submissions with colleagues as well – we would be grateful for any materials they can contribute.


3. Antoine Johnson, Chair of the AAHM Committee on Student Affairs and other contributors have compiled an excellent resource on the history of anti-black racism in medicine. Syllabus: A History of Anti-Racism in Medicine is available here and is linked from the AAHM website on the History of Medicine Resources page