Call for H-Eugenics co-editors

H-Eugenics is one of 188 networks at H-Net. Its primary purpose is to provide a forum to discuss the history of eugenics as well as the influence of eugenics across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences in the 19th and 20th centuries. The network also addresses related contemporary topics, such as gene editing and CRISPR. We have over 550 subscribers and publish all of our content on an open-access model, giving us a wide audience.

There are some light shared responsibilities for editors, namely reviewing and posting submitted announcements as well as checking the H-Eugenics e-mail account on a daily basis. I am particularly eager to find a co-editor or two who would like to develop or co-develop a project for the network. We could, for example, develop a Social Media presence or establish a Teaching Resources or Research Resources page. We could also discuss commissioning Book Reviews or expanding an existing project, such as the Publications or News Announcements. Our parent academic non-profit organization, H-Net, provides training and an editorial support system where editors can find advice and model projects.

If you are interested in volunteering to be an editor, please submit to a short CV as well as a brief explanation (about 250 words) of your past or current research on eugenics and how you would like to get involved with the network. Please also be prepared to provide a reference on request. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

We will review applications at the end of this month, but also keep in mind that we always welcome scholars reaching out to us about volunteering.

H-Eugenics editor