Special Issue of Historia Scientiarum

The History of Science Society of Japan publishes three issues of Historia Scientiarum a year. The latest issue is a special issue: “The History of Geological Sciences in East Asia: Geosciences in Transition.

Contents of this Special Issue include the following:

  • Introduction by Toshihiro YAMADA and Michiko YAJIMA
  • How Modern Geology Was Published: A Case Study of Chinese Geological Journals, 1919 to 1949 by Jiuchen ZHANG
  • Frontier of Professionals: The Vision of American Advisors That Supported Hokkaido Development in the Early Meiji Period byTomomi NAKAGAWA
  • Japanese Geological Scientists and Their Activities with Respect to Science Communication: With Special Reference to Professor Seitaro Tsuboi and Chidanken by Fumihiko TOCHINAI
  • Christian Missionaries and Natural Things: The Italian-style Geological Collection of Cimatti’s Museum at Chofu, Tokyo, Japan by Stefano MARABINI and Gian Battista VAI
  • Article
    • On Eugenic Policy and the Movement of the National Temperance League in Prewar Japan by  Takashi YOKOYAMA
  • News
    • The Program of the 64th Annual Meeting of the History of Science Society of Japan

For further information, see http://hssj.info/page/2.