HSS/BSHS/CSHPS 3-Society Meeting
Alberta, CA
22-25 July 2016


For the most up-to-date information on the 3-Society Meeting, please see the main page for the meeting.

Q. What societies will be represented at the Alberta meeting?
A. The History of Science Society, the British Society for the History of Science, and the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science.
Each society has assigned a program co-chair for the program committee.

Q. Where will the conference be held?
A. Most of the sessions will be held on the University of Alberta

Q. What will be the accommodations?
A. Please see the accommodations at this website.

Q. Will there be a book exhibit?
A. Yes.

Q. Will there be poster sessions?
A. No.

Q. If I present a paper at the 3-Societies Meeting, will that appearance count against me for the 2016 or 2017 HSS annual meeting?
A. No.

Q. If my paper is accepted and I am unable to attend, may someone else read it for me?
A. No. The main purpose of a conference is to create dialogue among scholars. This is impossible if the author of the paper is not present. It is permissible, although undesirable, for a commentator to have her comments read in her absence.

Q. What if I am unable to attend after my paper is accepted?
A. The program chairs spend considerable time assembling the program. Many worthy papers cannot be included due to space limitations. That fact, combined with the unfairness to other presenters when an author does not appear, makes no shows a serious problem. Unless an emergency precludes one’s appearance, no shows will not be allowed to participate in a future HSS meeting (this is usually the next year’s meeting).

Q. May I appear in multiple sessions at the 3-Society meeting? Is the no duplication rule in effect?
A. The intent of the conference is to bring together as many individuals as possible. And while we will not allow an individual to read more than one paper at the conference, there are some allowances for more than one appearance on the program. They are as follows: You may chair a session other than the one in which you appear. You may also co-author a paper for one session and read your paper in another session as long as you read only one paper. Participation in a workshop does not count toward duplication.
You may also organize a session (without appearing in it) and give a paper in a different session.

Q. What a/v will be available?
A. Since we will be meeting at a university, the typical a/v (such as lcd projectors (beamers) will be available.