Instructions for Roundtable Participants

Thank you for participating at the 2015 HSS Meeting! In particular, thank you for taking part in this effort to facilitate greater dialogue at the HSS meeting.

Because the roundtable format is a departure from the typical session format, we have assembled a few guidelines and suggestions for all roundtable participants. There will be a degree of flexibility in session structure, and we will expect all of the participants in each roundtable to make sure they are aware of how their particular session will proceed.

General Guidelines:

  • Each presenter should spend no more than 10 minutes on their presentation.
  • Keep in mind that discussion and conversation are the emphasis of these sessions. Please keep that in mind as you prepare any presentation or remarks.
  • If your room allows for a more informal layout, please take advantage of it (e.g., have participants seated in front of a head table instead of behind it, setting up chairs in a circle).
  • NOTE: How you schedule discussion and presentations (e.g., alternating, all presentations first, short discussions between and longer discussion after the last presentation) is up to the participants in each session. Unlike with regular breakout sessions, we are not concerned about coordinating talks to allow easy movement between sessions.

Comments and Suggestions:

  • Make sure everybody in your roundtable knows the plan for the session.
  • The session chairs for roundtables will have a more important/challenging job than in regular sessions, as more than timekeeping will be involved. A good chair will balance the planned schedule for the session and any ongoing discussion, though not at the cost of a missed presentation.
  • We will also ask the session chairs for more information about how the session went. Your feedback will be essential in evaluating and improving  the roundtable format going forward.
  • If you are going to be using power point or something similar, we highly recommend putting all of the slide shows on a single computer to reduce transition times, etc.
  • If you haven’t done a 10-minute presentation before, be sure to practice. 10 minutes goes by in a hurry. Be especially careful with any slide shows.

Again, thank you. We hope that you find the roundtable format beneficial.

If you have any questions, please email