HSS Special Call for Roundtables

In an effort to facilitate dialogue at its annual meeting, the History of Science Society requests proposals for round tables at its San Francisco conference, 19-22 November 2015. The HSS will designate a prime-time slot (early afternoon) for these roundtables and will not place restrictions on participants, e.g. a person may participate in a roundtable and also share her research in a formal session. The typical roundtable (100 minutes) will include 5 presenters, including a commentator, who will each speak for 10 minutes, leaving ample time for exchanges with the audience. In an effort to facilitate interchange further, the conference will feature a longer afternoon break to encourage the conversations to continue. Roundtables may include pedagogical concerns, such as strategies for teaching Kuhn’s SSR. The conference organizers have created a wiki at http://hssmeeting.wikia.com to encourage collaboration in developing a theme. Anyone with a panel or paper idea seeking like-minded presenters should post and consult the postings there. The deadline for submissions is 6 April 2015 and proposals should be submitted through the following link: http://hssweb.org/callforpapers. For questions, please contact info@hssonline.org or phone 574.631.1194 (9-5 EST).

The roundtable format—which can be used for the presentation of original research, work-in-progress, or discussion of professional concerns—offers short 10-minute presentations around a common theme, and ample time for discussion with the audience. These sessions are either 90 or 100 minutes and can include up to 5 participants (including commentator) for the latter. Roundtables take place in a non-podium setting (with the audience gathered around the panel) to facilitate exchange between audience and discussants. Experimental sessions: This format is intended to allow members to organize a panel using novel forms of presentation (in terms of organization or content), which are not covered by the other session types. Members who would like to organize such panels are welcome to do so, provided they clearly explain the form and content of their panels, their ability to engage and connect with an audience of their peers, and the potential costs involved.

To submit a roundtable proposal: Please submit your proposal using the session submission page. Be sure to indicate in the title, abstract, and/or notes that you are proposing a roundtable session. For each presenter, you may use the “paper abstract” space to describe what each participant is expected to contribute to the discussion.