Social Sciences Division of the University of Chicago

Job Type: Postdoc

Application Deadline: December 15, 2014

The University of Chicago’s Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science invites applications for a position as Instructor beginning September 2015, with a two-year nonrenewable term. Applicants should have received a PhD within the last five years, and not already hold a tenure-track position. Expertise should be in the areas of History, Philosophy, or Sociology of Science. Applications are welcome from all periods and areas of science, though we have a particular interest in Philosophy of Biology. This is a research and teaching post-doctoral position, requiring two courses be taught in the academic year–Chicago is on the quarter system, with three terms to the academic year. Applicants should have interests that go beyond the research specialties they profess. Chicago’s programs are quite interdisciplinary, and so candidates should be ready to interact with faculty and students from an array of different specialties. We value diversity among students, staff, and faculty and strongly encourage applications from women and underrepresented minority scholars. Candidates must have a Ph.D. in hand by April, 2015.

Review of applications will continue until the application deadline of December 15, 2014. We intend to hold preliminary interviews at the History of Science Society Meeting (jointly with Philosophy of Science), Nov. 6-9, 2014. Applications are required to include 1) a cover letter describing their competencies and plans, 2) a curriculum vitae, and 3) a chapter length writing sample. Three letters of recommendation are also required. Early application is strongly recommended.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, protected veteran status or status as an individual with disability.
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Posted: October 07, 2014