George C. Marshall Space Flight Center Historian

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Job type: government non profit

Application deadline: February 12, 2016

Job Summary:

About the Agency

Serves as the Historian/Archivist for the Marshall Space Flight Center. As such, has primary responsibility for coordination, maintenance, and communication of the MSFC History Program and represents Senior Management in the communication of the Center history. Has responsibility for planning, appraising, accessioning, arranging, describing, preserving, publishing, or providing service and retrieval of all MSFC historical documents. Has responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the Public History Archives, Rocket Park and other historical sites at MSFC. Assignments embrace broad and varied subject matters and
involve a substantial number of highly technical aerospace programs such as the Space Launch System, International Space Station, and pioneering Space Propulsion and Space Science programs. Responsibilities include acquisition, preservation, restoration, reconstruction and interpretation to the public of sites and events of major significance to the national historical heritage with respect to NASA and MSFC specifically.


To receive consideration, you must submit a resume and answer NASA-specific questions. The NASA questions appear after you submit your resume and are transferred to the NASA web site. If you successfully apply, USAJOBS will show your application status as ‘Received’. If your status is ‘Application Status Not Available’, you have not successfully applied. Do not rely on a USAJOBS email to confirm successful application. Only an email from NASA confirms a successful application.



This position will be filled at the GS-13 level with promotion potential to GS-14.

Key Requirements:

  • Occasional travel may be required
  • Successful completion of a security investigation may be required


While serving in Public and Employee Communications Office (CS20):

  • Develop historical studies for use by program management in policy decision making.
  • Maintain historical chronology of programmatic contracted activities for reference by center senior
  • Draft responses to requests for historical data from academia, media, and others outside the Center.
  • Provide judgments to management on the historical significance of Center landmarks and artifacts to
    preserve Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) historical sites.
  • Develop solutions to complex problems related to the communication of historical information to enhance
    awareness of MSFC’s history.
  • Conduct studies of the current history program to identify weaknesses and develop a more efficient program.
  • Implement peer review processes in the publication of scholarly historical works to ensure review by
    engineering, scientific, and academic experts.
  • Monitor historical documentation for security, privacy act, procurement, or International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) data.
  • Build professional relationships with outside stakeholders to enable archival collection related to the Center’s

Qualifications Required:

In addition to Basic Education Requirement, applicant must have one year of specialized experience
equivalent to the next lower grade, which has equipped the applicant with the particular competencies
needed to successfully perform the duties of the position described above. Examples of specialized
experience include, but are not limited to, experience that provided the applicant with skill in conducting
historical research and documentation; Skill in effectively communicating historical information to a variety
of internal and external audiences; Skill in reviewing, analyzing, and editing historical research, reports,
data, and articles; Extensive knowledge of and experience with aerospace history.

Basic Education Requirements

  • Degree: history; or related field that included at least 18 semester hours in history.
  • Combination of education and experience: Courses equivalent to a major in history, or a major in a related field that included at least 18 semester hours in history, as shown in A above, plus appropriate experience or additional education.

U.S. citizenship is required.

How you will be evaluated:

Resumes will be rated by an automated system (Resumix) that matches the competencies extracted from the candidate’s resume to the competencies identified by the selecting official for the position. Candidates will be evaluated on the competencies they possess that are directly related to the duties of the job, as described in this announcement. Candidates should refer to NASA’s Applicant Guide for assistance in developing a complete resume. NASA will not accept separate KSA statement.

A category rating method will be used to evaluate candidates. All candidates will be assigned to either a 70, 80, or 90 pt. quality category based on the degree to which their competencies meet the position requirements. All candidates in the 90 pt group, which is the highest quality category, may be referred for consideration. A human resources specialist will validate the qualifications of those candidates eligible to be referred to the selecting official. In certain instances when a large candidate pool exists within the highest quality category, additional weighting of scores may occur to further distinguish best qualified candidates. For the purpose of the Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP) and the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP), candidates rated in the top quality category are considered well-qualified.

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Posted: February 08, 2016