Executive Director, RSA

Renaissance Society of America

Job Type: Government/Non-Profit

 For the first fifty years of its existence, the RSA relied on an Executive Director who maintained his or her university position, combining teaching, publishing and running the affairs of the Society. Once the threshold of five thousand members was past, however, the Board decided it was time to engage an Executive Director dedicated entirely to the task. The Executive Director will serve as a member of the Executive Board and will work with the Board and the office staff to administer existing programs and implement new ones.

 The Executive Director is the chief administrative officer of the RSA. Duties include the administration and oversight of the daily operations of the Society, office personnel, the Society’s website, and RSA’s program activities, which include several book series and Renaissance News and Notes. Renaissance Quarterly has its own editors for articles and reviews, but the Executive Director oversees its general management, working with the representatives of the University of Chicago Press. The Executive Director will know the constitution and by-laws of the Society and over time will embody the institutional memory of the Society. He or she will represent the interests of the RSA to the like-minded organizations represented in the American Council of Learned Societies, as well as to regulatory bodies, the media, and the broader educational community. He or she works with the Board and office staff to assess members’ needs; creates and implements programs and services of value and interest to existing and prospective members; develops strategies for membership recruitment and retention; manages member relations and communications. He or she collaborates with the Board on staffing requirements, organizational management, and the effectiveness of overall operations.

The Executive Director prepares the Society’s annual budget, subject to Board approval, and oversees the finances of the Society. He or she collaborates with the Board in strategic planning. The fund-raising role of the Executive Director will grow in coming years, and thus will have to have the skills to communicate to the world of donors and institutional funders the importance of the Society’s mission.

One of the most important duties of the Executive Director is the annual meeting. Sites for the meeting are chosen by vote of the Board. The Executive Director, working with the staff and various consultants, contracts for the required hotel, meeting, and reception spaces, and insures the smooth running of the meeting. Sites for five future meetings have already been determined: Berlin (2015), Boston (2016), Chicago (2017), New Orleans (2108), and San Juan (2019).

The Executive Director also serves as Executive Secretary for the Board, keeping the minutes of all meetings of the Board (or arranging for them to be kept), and taking responsibility for serving all notices of the Society.

For more information, please see the attached document: Executive Director, RSA

Posted: October 27, 2014