Sydney Brenner Research Scholarship

Type: Scholarship

Name: Sydney Brenner Research Scholarship in the History of Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Biotechnology

Location: Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Application Deadline: December 20, 2015

Sponsoring Institution: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


The Sydney Brenner Research Scholarship awards funding each year to scholars, historians and writers who study the history of cancer, women in science, molecular biology, genetics, neuroscience, plant biology, the intersection of biology and physics, and other topics relating to the molecular biology revolution.

The scholarship was initiated by a student and protégé of Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner, Dr. Philip Goelet, who wished to pay tribute to his mentor. Endowed by the Francis Goelet Charitable Trust in 2006, this scholarship offers a stipend of up to $10,000 to fund travel and other expenses associated with working on the project, including use of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Archives collections and sources at other locations.

In the CSHL Archives collections, scholars can find unique original materials on some of the most important themes and figures in biology. To view them and to find out more about the application, please visit

Contact Information:
Mila Pollock

Posted: December 10, 2015