Sally Hacker Prize, SHOT

Type: Prize

Name: Sally Hacker Prize

Location: Milan, Italy

Application Deadline: April 15, 2019

Sponsoring Institution: Society for the History of Technology


The Sally Hacker Prize was established in 1999 to honor exceptional scholarship that reaches beyond the academy toward a broad audience. Any book published in the three years preceding the year of the award is eligible (for example, books eligible for the 2019 award would have been published in 2016-2018). The prize consists of a cash award and a certificate.

Publishers and authors are invited to nominate titles for this prize. To nominate a book, please send one copy to each of the committee members listed on the website.

While each book is eligible for three years after its publication date, it must be specifically re-nominated in years two and/or three of eligibility in order to be reconsidered. Re-nomination requires that a copy of the book be sent to any new committee members, and any returning committee member who previously received the book must receive a letter re-nominating the book.

You can find all information here.

Contact Information:
Jan Korsten

Posted: March 07, 2019