Hakluyt Society Essay Prize: History of Travel, Exploration and Encounters

Type: Prize

Name: Hakluyt Society Essay Prize

Location: London, England

Application Deadline: November 01, 2014

Sponsoring Institution: The Hakluyt Society


From 2015, the Hakluyt Society will award an annual essay prize (or more than one, if the judges so decide) of up to a total of £750. Winners will be invited to publish their essays in the online Journal of the Hakluyt Society (www.hakluyt.com) if they wish to do so. The prize or prizes for 2015 will be presented at the Hakluyt Society’s Annual General Meeting in London in June 2015, where winners will be invited to attend as the Society’s guests; travel expenses within the UK will be reimbursed. Winners will also receive a one-year membership of the Hakluyt Society.

Eligibility criteria

The competition is open to postdoctoral scholars of not more than two years’ standing on 31st December, 2014, and to undergraduate and graduate students registered as such on that date. Only one entry may be submitted per entrant per year.

Scope and subject matter

Essays submitted, which should be based on original research in any discipline in the humanities or social sciences, may be on any aspect of the history of travel, exploration and cultural encounter or their effects, in the tradition of the work of the Hakluyt Society. For a conspectus of the Society’s history, aims and publications, visit www.hakluyt.com .

Essays should be in English (except for such citations in languages other than English as may appear in footnotes or endnotes) and between 6,000 and 8,000 words in length (including notes, excluding bibliography). Illustrations, diagrams and tables essential to the text fall outside the word count. Submissions should be unpublished, and not currently in press, in production or under review elsewhere. Authors may wish to consult the Society’s style sheet, which is also the Journal’s style sheet, at http://www.hakluyt.com/authors_info.htm .

Submission procedures and deadline

Essays should be submitted as email attachments in Word.doc format to Dr Surekha Davies, Chair of the Essay Prize Committee, at surekha.davies@gmail.com and to Richard Bateman, Administrator of the Hakluyt Society, at office@hakluyt.com by 1 November 2014. The entrant’s name, address (including preferred email address), institutional affiliation (if any, with date of admission), and degrees (if any, with dates of conferment) should appear within the body of the email, together with a note of the title of the submitted essay. The subject line of the email should include the words ‘HAKLUYT SOCIETY ESSAY PRIZE’ and the author’s name. By submitting an essay, an entrant certifies that it is the entrant’s own original work.

Selection procedure

The Prize Committee encourages innovative submissions that make an important contribution to knowledge, or a critical or methodological contribution to scholarship. The Committee and selected reviewers will pay attention to the analytical rigour, originality, wider significance, depth and scope of the work, as well as to style and presentation. The Prize Committee comprises selected academic faculty from among the Hakluyt Society’s Council.

The Prize Committee reserves the right not to award a prize, if no submission is judged to be of sufficient merit. The Committee’s decision will be announced in April 2015. For further information regarding the Hakluyt Society, please visit www.hakluyt.com.

Mailing Address:
Dr Surekha Davies, Chair of the Essay Prize Committee surekha.davies@gmail.com Richard Bateman, Administrator of the Hakluyt Society office@hakluyt.com

URL 1: http://www.hakluyt.com

Contact Information:
Dr Surekha Davies, Chair of the Essay Prize Committee

Posted: September 13, 2014