Gomory Prize/Deadline November 30, 2020

Type: Prize

Name: Gomory Prize/Deadline November 30, 2020

Location: Wilmington, DE

Application Deadline: November 30, 2020


by Carol Ressler Lockman

The 2020 Gomory Prize of the Business History Conference was awarded to Heidi Tworek, for her book, News from Germany:  The Competition to Control World Communications, 1900-1945 (Harvard University Press) at the Business History Conference annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina on March 4, 2020.


The Ralph Gomory Prize for Business History (made possible by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation) recognizes historical work on the effect business enterprises have on the economic conditions of a country in which they operate.  A $5,000 prize is awarded annually.  Eligible books are written in English and published two years (2019 or 2020 copyright) prior to the award.  The 2021 Prize will be presented at the annual meeting of the Business History Conference to be held in Detroit, Michigan, March 11-14, 2021.


Four copies of a book must accompany a nomination and be submitted to the Prize Coordinator, Carol Ressler Lockman, Business History Conference, PO Box 3630, 298 Buck Road, Wilmington, DE  19807-0630 USA.  Email: clockman@hagley.org.  The deadline for submission is November 30, 2020.

Posted: July 10, 2020