Workshop: In the Shadow of a Centennial: Writing the History of IUPAC (1919-2019)

November 16, 2018

Organized by the Groupe Histoire de la Chimie, Société Chimique de France (SCF) under the patronage of the SCF, the CNRS, the CNC, the IUPAC2019 Congress and the Science History Institute (Philadelphia)

Venue: SCF, 250 rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris

The IUPAC will celebrate its centennial in July 2019. On this occasion, we will remember the milestones of its history. To that end, we will rely on historical material, and draw on eyewitness accounts from members of the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Writing this history is a complex, and multifaceted task.  The breadth of IUPAC’s chronological, geographical and thematic scopes complicates this project. But it is necessary if we are to understand the reasons for its long-term existence, its actions, and its outcomes, without forgetting the men and women who devoted a great part of their life to this organisation.

At the request of IUPAC, Roger Fennell published a History of IUPAC in 1994, soon after to be completed by Stanley Brown in 2001. These are reference works to be consulted to gain a general overview on the first eighty years of IUPAC. Other significant parts of this history were published in periodicals, principally in the magazine of the IUPAC,Chemistry International, or in the Journal Pure and Applied Chemistry. While the Union’s archives can be explored at the Science History Institute in Philadelphia, few historians of science have used this archival record.

The coming celebration is thus the occasion to devote a substantial amount of time in studying this scientific Union. This will be the aim of a panel of specialists and actors meeting in Paris on 16 November 2018.

This open symposium will be the opportunity to present the first studies on IUPAC, the scientific and general international context surrounding the Union, and to invite in the chemists who are celebrating the centennial of their scientific Union.

With the participation of
R. Brashear (IUPAC Archives, Science History Inst., Philadelphia, USA), M. Chastrette (past Pdt. CCE-IUPAC, Pr. Em. U-Lyon1, FR)R. Fox (Pr. Em. Hist. Sci., U-Oxford, UK), Y. Kikuchi (Nagoya U. of Economics, JP)Y. Jeannin (IUPAC past Pdt., Paris, FR),G.J. Leigh (past Pdt. IUPAC-CNIC, U-Sussex, UK), R. Marquardt (IUPAC Div-1, U. Strasbourg, France)N. Moreau (IUPAC past Pdt., Paris, FR)C. Reinhardt (Pr. Hist. Sci., U-Bielefeld, DE), J. Smit (U. Leiden, NL)E. Zaitseva (Pr. Hist. Chem., U-Moscow, RU), and on conference call: F. Meyers (IUPAC, Boston, USA), E. Hepler-Smith (Boston College Hist. Dpt., USA), A. E. Robinson (Harvard Library, Cambridge Mass., USA).

Organizers :
Danielle Fauque (GHDSO, U-Paris Sud/Paris Saclay, FR)
Brigitte Van Tiggelen (Mémosciences,BE /UCL, Louvain,

No fees, but registration required (by 11 November if possible) to Danielle Fauque 

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Posted: November 06, 2018