University of Leicester Centre for Medical Humanities Seminar Series 2015-16

CMH is pleased to announce its new seminar series. It takes place at 5.30 on Thursdays during term (see below for exact dates). We meet in the large seminar room in the Centre for Medical Humanities, 7 Salisbury Road, Leicester. Everyone is welcome!

For more information, please email the convenor, David Gentilcore:




Victor Krawczyk  The Aesthetics of Compassion for Animals in Science and Medicine  15 October 2015
Sarah Ehlers          Doctors without borders. Sleeping Sickness, Colonial Medicine and European Identities  5 November 2015
Carsten Timmermann Writing Histories of Cancer 19 November 2015
Katherine Foxhall A Thousand-Year History of the Migraine 3 December 2015
 Keir Waddington  Problems of Progress: Modernity and Writing the Social History of Medicine 28 January 2016
Sanjoy Bhattacharya The World Health Organization as Developed Country Largesse: Historical events, metropolitan fantasies or historiographical tyranny? 11 February 2016
Holger Maehle Medical Confidentiality in Comparative Historical Perspective: Britain, USA and Germany 25 February 2016
Jonathan Reinarz A History of Medical Education  10 March 2016
Mark Jenner TBA 28 April 2016
Hilary Marland TBA 12 May 2016

Contact Info: Professor David Gentilcore

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Posted: October 02, 2015