Symposium on the Science of Stories

During this intensive three-day professional education short course, we will explore the nature of narratives, how to extract them from data, how they move through time and space, and how to preserve them through communication. We will also explore how to communicate data-rich narratives to the public and how to tell a story using data visualizations.

The Vermont Complex Systems Center is a highly collaborative, open, and playful space that embraces intellectual curiosity, kindness, and rigor. We are a post-disciplinary team of researchers working at the University of Vermont on real-world, data-rich, and meaningful complex systems problems of all kinds. Our educational programs are meant to be an idea collider. They bring together faculty and participants from many fields and spark new collaboration. They facilitate creativity. Our aim is not just to transfer complexity tools but to provide a life experience for our students and create a community of complexity researchers and practitioners who are open, collaborative, and hungry for rigorous solutions to complex problems.

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Juniper Lovato
Director of Educational Outreach for Complex Systems
The Vermont Complex Systems Center
University of Vermont

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Posted: July 11, 2018