Science as FACTory? Looking at Science Eye to Eye, Not from Above the Facts

4-6 October 2018 at the University of Vienna, Austria

Closing Workshop of the DK “The Sciences in Historical, Philosophical and Cultural Contexts” – 2nd funding period

The dichotomy between facts and values, and, relatedly, that between objectivity and subjectivity, has a long track-record in the history of thought. The traditional view, which is still dominant in popular culture but also in parts of the academic community, is that science occupies a privileged status as society’s “fact-factory.” In this workshop we bring together a variety of different perspectives – historical, philosophical and scientific – to discuss whether this value-free ideal of science holds up to closer analysis of the scientific practices.

Keynote Lecture
Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter):
Investigating science through involvement

Our workshop is free of charge. The workshop dinner is optional and costs 45€.

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Posted: September 21, 2018