Research Seminars at CHSTM

September 27-December 6, 2016, University of Manchester, UK

It is a pleasure to present the speakers for the upcoming CHSTM research seminar series. Please find the programme for September-December below or on their website:

CHSTM seminars run every other Tuesday from 4pm (with tea and biscuits from 3.30pm) in room 2.57 in the Simon Building.

All are welcome!

If you have any questions please get in touch with the organizers: Harriet Palfreyman ( or Pratik Chakrabarti (

The first seminar of the term will take place next Tuesday 27 September with CHSTM alum Dr Amy Chambers (Newcastle University).

27 September
Amy Chambers (Newcastle University)
‘From Star Child to Star Wars: American Science (fiction), Film, and Religion, 1967-1977’

11 October
Linda Risso (Institute of Historical Research, London)
‘NATO and Environmental Security: The Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society’

25 October
David Arnold (University of Warwick)
‘Microscopic Minorities: The Struggle for Scientific Microscopy in Victorian India’

8 November
Peter Bowler (Queen’s University Belfast)
‘Prophets of Progress: Predicting the Future of Science and Technology from Wells to Asimov’

22 November
Jennifer Tucker (Wesleyan University, CT)
‘Humphrey Jennings’s “Pandaemonium” project: imaging the future and collecting the past’

6 December
Ian Burney and Neil Pemberton (CHSTM)
CHSTM Book Launch: Murder and the Making of English CSI

Posted: September 26, 2016