Registration for Networks: The Creation and Circulation of Knowledge from Franklin to Facebook

June 6-7, 2019, Philadelphia, PA, USA

An interdisciplinary conference hosted by the American Philosophical Society with support from the University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign.

Inspired by the American Philosophical Society’s recent digitization of Benjamin Franklin’s postal records and by its involvement in “The Cybernetics Thought Collective Initiative: A History of Science and Technology Portal Project,” this daylong symposium will consider the different ways that social, scientific, and intellectual networks have influenced the pursuit of “useful knowledge.”

The symposium will kick off on Thursday, June 6 at 5:30pm EDT with an opening reception and keynote featuring Dr. Augustin Chaintreau, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. Dr. Chaintreau will discuss his current research on “shadow text” and the different ways user data collected from social media and other websites is used and disseminated online. The symposium will continue on Friday, June 7 with a full day of panel discussions beginning at 8:30am EDT.

The symposium is free and open to the public, and live streaming will be available during the event. A complete program and more details can be found on the symposium website here.

Please register online or by email at

Posted: May 19, 2019