Performing Science: Dialogues Across Cultures – The Science and Performance Conference

April 23-25, 2014, The University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

The Science and Performance conference aims to bring together academic scholars from humanistic and scientific disciplines as well as practitioners and funders, to examine ideas and practices – past, present, and future – relating to the intersections between performance and science. Emphasis will be on the practice of science and performance. The conference will include a number of invited keynote lectures, submitted talks, workshops, performances and a public debate. We are particularly interested in papers that offer informed strategies and visions for the future. We encourage contributions from performance scholars, scientists and artistic practitioners. The conference seeks an inclusive understanding of both Performance and Science: all relevant genres of performance as well as all varieties of science, including historical, comparative and international perspectives welcome. We will not be considering science fiction or its links with theatre and performance.

Keynote Speakers (confirmed): Michael Frayn (playwright, novelist, translator, journalist), Professor Carl Djerassi, Stanford University (chemist, novelist and playwright) and Professor Robert Marc Friedman, University of Oslo (scholar, playwright). Other Speakers include (confirmed): Professor Brian Schwartz (Brooklyn College, Director Science & Arts Program); Professor Eva-Sabine Zehelein (University of Regensburg); Jack Lowe (Curious Directive Theatre Company); Dr Alex Mermikides (Kingston University); Dr Paul Johnson (University of Wolverhampton); Professor Nicola Shaughnessy (University of Kent); Darren Tunstall (University of Central Lancashire); Dr Gianna Bouchard (Anglia Ruskin University); Dr Michael Carklin (University of Glamorgan); Dr Carina Bartleet (Oxford Brookes University). Other Speakers include (subject to confirmation): Philip Ball (science writer); Professor Chery Faraone (Middlebury College); Professor Mike Vanden Heuvel (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Professor Steve Abbott (Middlebury College); Simon Watt (biologist, TV presenter, writer, comedian).

Special Conference Events: The world premiere of Carl Djerassi’s latest play, Foreplay, a public debate about the implications of ART (assisted reproductive technology), plus other performances, installations and workshops. Outline Schedule: Conference begins 12 noon, Wed 23rd April; finishes at 4.30pm, Fri 25th April.

Posted: February 17, 2014