Models and Simulations in the Sciences: Perspectives from Philosophy, History, and Policy

May 9-11, 2014, University of Notre Dame

The Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values, the Graduate Program in History and Philosophy of Science, iCeNSA, and the Department of Philosophy at Notre Dame are pleased to be hosting the sixth Models and Simulations conference (MS6) this spring. MS6 is the latest in a series of international conferences to explore philosophical issues arising from the construction and use of models and computer simulations in the natural and social sciences, after meetings in Paris, Tilburg, Charlottesville, Toronto, and Helsinki.

Plenary speakers:
William Bechtel, University of California, San Diego
Philip Mirowski, University of Notre Dame
Andrea Woody, University of Washington

Registration, travel, accommodation, further information: all conference-related information will be posted on the MS6 website,

Further inquiries may be addressed to Xavi Lanao at

Program Committee:
Anna Alexandrova, University of Cambridge
Roman P Frigg, London School of Economics
Mathias Frisch, University of Maryland
Axel Gelfert, National University of Singapore
Till Grüne-Yanoff, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Stephan Hartmann, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
Paul Humphreys, University of Virginia
Elizabeth Lloyd, Indiana University, Bloomington
Uskali Mäki, University of Helsinki
Margaret Morrison, University of Toronto
Jay Odenbaugh, Lewis & Clark College
Isabelle Peschard, San Francisco State University
Martin Thomson-Jones, Oberlin College
Adam Toon, University of Exeter
Marion Vorms, University of Paris
Michael Weisberg, University of Pennsylvania

Posted: February 10, 2014