Life on Earth and Beyond – The History and Philosophy of the Origin of Life

May 4-6, 2015, Island of Ven, Sweden

The aim of the course is to give participants a thorough overview of the historical, philosophical and ethical questions arising in this field. It is co-organized by the Nordic Network of Astrobiology and the EU COST Action “Origins and Evolution of Life on Earth and in the Universe”. The course is open for students and scientists in humanities, natural, social and political sciences. It will, amongst others deal with the following themes:

  • Definition of life in a historical and philosophical context
  • Biochemical evolution
  • The tree of biological evolution
  • Search for life outside Earth
  • Philosophical, ethical and political questions arising with the quest for life on other celestial bodies

A multitude of highly merited researchers have agreed to teach at the course.

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Application is due January 15, 2015.

Posted: November 26, 2014