IU Graduate Student Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

March 29-30, 2019, Indiana University Bloomington in Bloomington IN, USA 47401


3rd IU Graduate Student Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

29-30 March 2019

Indiana University Bloomington

Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

Submission Deadline: January 1st, 2019

Call for papers

The Indiana University Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine and HPS Graduate Students Association are calling for submissions from graduate students working on topics relating to the history and/or philosophy of science for its third graduate student conference in the spring of 2019. Submissions are welcome on a breadth of historical or philosophical topics in the sciences. This conference is intended to be an opportunity for graduate students to share their work, make connections, and receive feedback from peers and faculty in a congenial environment. The anticipated schedule is for ~30 minute student presentations, followed by a ~10 minute response by a student commentator, and 15-20 minutes for follow-up questions and discussion. There will also be a poster session reception intended to facilitate discussion, particularly suited to works in their early stages of progress, ideas on new methodologies or tools in HPS, or novel ways of extending HPS into the public sphere.

Submissions: Please submit papers or extended outlines suitable for a 30 minute talk, or an abstract or description (~250 words) of a topic for a poster. Dual submissions for talks and posters (on related or unrelated topics) are allowed. Email submissions to iuhpsconf@gmail.com on or before January 1st. Acceptances will be sent out in early February.

All graduate students are welcome to attend. If you are planning to attend and would be interested in commenting, please email us with areas of interest by January 1st, and, depending on availability, we will send you an appropriate paper to comment on as soon as acceptances are issued.

Conference Time & Place: 29-30 March 2019 (half-day Friday and full day Saturday), on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington.

Speaker: We are pleased to have Kristen K. Intemann from Montana State University as our keynote speaker and featured faculty guest for the conference. Dr. Intemann’s research and teaching interests focus on feminist theory, values and science, and research ethics, particularly in relation to science and philosophy of science. Also, she has published on issues related to objectivity, bias, and diversity in science. Visit this website for additional information.

Lodging and Logistics: Funding is not available to cover travel expenses, but we will facilitate lodging for student presenters with graduate student hosts here in town on a first-come, first-served basis. Hotels in Bloomington are also quite reasonably priced, and we’ll be glad to provide recommendations for those who wish to make their own arrangements. For questions or further details, please contact us at iuhpsconf@gmail.com or see our website here.

Deadline: January 1, 2019

Posted: October 02, 2018