CFP: International Congress of Medieval Studies, International Medieval Congress, Society for the Study of the Crusades in the Latin East Conference

May 1-July 15, 2020, Kalamazoo, MI, USA; Leeds, UK; London, UK

An understanding of Anthropocene – the history of human interactions with natural environment – has never been more pressing than today. Several series of paper sessions exploring the intersection of crusader studies and environmental studies are being organized for conferences at Kalamazoo, Michigan (May, 2020), Leeds, UK (July, 2020) and the upcoming Society for the Study of the Crusades in the Latin East Conference, London, UK (June, 2020). These sessions will address encounters with, responses to, and representations of a broad variety of natural phenomena having to do with crusades and the Latin States. We encourage a wide variety of methods and discourses. Possible topics include:
• portents and marvels
• encounters with familiar and unfamiliar fauna, flora and natural phenomena
• natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.)
• traveling across natural landscapes
• experiences of the elements
• domestic and domesticated animals or conversely animals characterized as “wild” or “exotic”
• animal or environmental metaphors
• cultivation, consumption and trade in crops, fruit, spices, etc.
• transformation of the natural landscape (for example, through deforestation or irrigation)
• introduced and invasive species
• natural topography (real or imaginary)

Please send your abstracts of about 200 words to the organizers, Elizabeth Lapina ( and Jessalynn Bird (, before August 1st. Make sure to specify which conference you are planning to attend.

Call for papers

Deadline: August 1, 2019

Posted: July 05, 2019