“History of Geosciences in Canada” Session at Geological Association of Canada Conference 2021 (GAC-MAC 2021)

November 2-5, 2021, London, Ontario, and Online

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This “History of Geosciences in Canada” Session is one of many Special Sessions on offer.

Call for papers

Special Session #26
“History of Geosciences in Canada”

The Geosciences in Canada have long been a major part of the Geosciences internationally and a leading component of Canada’s scientific community. As early as 1913 Canada hosted an International Geological Congress (President, McGill’s Frank Adams) in Toronto and Canada’s Geological Survey predates Confederation (Founding Director, William Logan) by a quarter century.
Geoscience has been vital to Canada’s economic development (the Klondike Gold Rush), our understanding of biological evolution (the Burgess Shale Biota, British Columbia, and the early land vertebrates from Joggins, Nova Scotia), and the globe’s tectonics (the Newfoundland Atlantic Sandwich). Geoscientists from around the world (Charles Lyell, Peter Kropotkin, Simon Conway Morris) have been coming to Canada both to learn from our rocks and our scientists (the Dawsons – John William and George Mercer , A.P. Coleman, Tuzo Wilson).

This session is in preparation for the semi-centennial of the 1972 Montreal International Geological Congress. Contributions in either French or English are welcome.

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Canadian Science and Technology Historical Association (CSTHA), GAC Canadian Tectonics Group (CTG), GAC Canadian Sedimentology Research Group (CSRG),GAC Palaeontology Division (PD)

Deadline: July 12, 2021

Posted: July 06, 2021