Histories and Theories of the Unconscious

November 22, 2014, Queen Mary University of London

A day conference on the unconscious mind from its early-modern philosophical origins to its diverse articulations in literature, art and social policy, and its controversial history within the psychoanalytic tradition.

Speakers: Angus Nicholls (Queen Mary UL), Alexandra Bacopoulos-Viau (New York University), Matt Ffytche (University of Essex), Andreas Mayer (Centre A. Koyré, CNRS/EHESS Paris), Madeleine Wood (Queen Mary UL), Sonu Shamdasani (University College London), John Fletcher (University of Warwick),Elsa Richardson (Queen Mary UL), Emma Sutton (University College London), Rhodri Hayward (Queen Mary UL), Arthur Eaton (University College London).

For more information, please visit https://networks.h-net.org/node/9782/discussions/51891/conference-histories-and-theories-unconscious.

Posted: November 19, 2014