Cornell Summer Institute on Contested Global Landscapes: Knowledge and the Politics of Land

May 18-23, 2014, Ithaca, NY, United States

The theme of the 2014 Summer Institute is “Knowledge and the Politics of Land.” In the context of what has been called a contemporary “Global Land Grab” and expanded interest in questions of natural resource availability and access, we ask what role knowledge and knowledge production have played in shaping the politics, economics, and social life of land and land management. How have various disciplines, professions, and indigenous knowledges facilitated and challenged shifting patterns of ownership and access to land in the past and the present? How are knowledge-making capabilities both mobilized and shaped by struggles over land?

The Summer Institute is connected to a larger project on Contested Global Landscapes that held a 2013 Summer Institute. Learn more at

The 2014 Summer Institute is coordinated by Sara Pritchard (Science and Technology Studies), Steven Wolf (Natural Resources), and Wendy Wolford (Development Sociology). Questions should be directed to Sara Pritchard at, Steve Wolf at or Wendy Wolford at

Posted: February 10, 2014