Colloquium on Richard de Fournival (d. 1260) and the Sciences

October 15-16, 2015, Paris, France

A colloquium is being held in Paris on 15-16 October 2015 on the mid-13th century bibliophile and polymath, Richard de Fournival.

Here is a translation of the announcement:

“The work and career of Richard de Fournival are emblematic of the 13th century. Canon and chancellor of the cathedral of Amiens, physician and surgeon, author of an astrological autobiography and perhaps a treatise on alchemy, possible author of the De vetula [“On the Old Woman”], which pretends to be the last work of Ovid, poet and writer, Richard de Fournival appears as one of the most revealing figures of the encyclopedic culture of his time. This [characteristic] is witnessed equally in his library, which he describes in his Biblionomia. This colloquium will focus particularly on the sciences (including the quadrivium–mathematics, geometry, and astronomy–and medicine, astrology, alchemy, architecture, etc.), as they appeared in the work of Richard de Fournival, in his career, in his library, or in the context of his times. It will also address the question of how these sciences were transformed in their sources, their boundaries, their uses, and the type of writing they elicited.”

Information on the colloquium, including a complete program and directions to the two different venues, can be found at this link:

Posted: October 08, 2015