Collected Worlds – Johann Reinhold and Georg Forster

September 6-8, 2018, Wörlitz, Germany

“Collected Worlds” – Conference about Johann Reinhold and Georg Forster, 6-8 September, 2018, Wörlitz, Germany

“Collected Worlds” is the title of a three-day conference to be held about Johann Reinhold Forster and his son Georg Forster.  They travelled with Captain Cook as naturalists on his Second Voyage to the Pacific, and had an interesting life before and after this voyage.

Little has been explored before now of the close relationships of the two Forsters to Central Germany, a region in which both have left significant traces.  Johann Reinhold Forster was a professor of natural history and Mineralogy at the university in the city of Halle. Georg Forster visited the Prince of Anhalt-Dessau at Wörlitz before going to the European cities of Kassel, Vilnius, Paris and Mainz, where lived after the outbreak of the French Revolution as a committed advocate of republican ideas.

The conference will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 6, 7 and 8 September, 2018.
There is also a visit to the recently opened Forster exhibition at  the castle, and a gondola ride in the garden kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz.

The venue is the Zum Eichenkranz Inn, which opened in 1787, and has been recently extensively refurbished.

To attend the conference costs €15 for each of the three days, or €40 for all three days, or €60 for the entire conference including the evening reception on 6th September.
Please use the conference contact form to make your booking.

Hosts are the Dessau-Woerlitz-Commission, the Chair for Modern Written Culture and European Knowledge transfer (Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Décultot, University Halle-Wittenberg) and Kulturstiftung Dessau Woerlitz

The full programme and the contact form can be found by clicking here.

Talks include:
Georg Forster as a cultural historian
The exploration of nature by Johann Reinhold Forster
The Forsters and Tupaia’s chart of the Pacific
George and Johan Reinhold Forster’s Polynesian objects
The history of the Forster collection in Wörlitz
The ornithology of the three Voyages
Forster’s objects from the Cook Voyage and the beginnings of the university collection at Göttingen
Georg Forster’s drawings of birds of the South Seas in the Research Library, Gotha
Otaheite in the gardens of the Goethe era
The letter networks of the Forsters
Georg Forster and Alexander von Humboldt
New ways for Forster research

Other information can be found by clicking here.

Contact Info:

Dr. Andrea Thiele
Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für die Erforschung der Europäischen Aufklärung / Interdisciplinary Centre for European Enlightenment Studies (IZEA)
Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg
Franckeplatz 1, Haus 54, D-06110 Halle (Saale), Germany

Posted: August 13, 2018