CHSTM Research Seminars, Jan-May 2019, Manchester

It is a pleasure to present the speakers for the upcoming CHSTM seminar series at the University of Manchester. Please find the programme for January–May 2019 below. CHSTM seminars, as usual, will be held on Tuesdays at 4pm in 2.57 Simon Building, with tea and biscuits from 3.30 pm. All are welcome! If you have any questions please direct them to the organisers: Dmitriy Myelnikov ( or Pratik Chakrabarti (

29 January

Gordon Barrett (University of Oxford)

Chinese International Science and the Cultural Cold War


12 February

Cinzia Greco (CHSTM)

The Nebulous Chronicity of Metastatic Breast Cancer


19 February

Audra Wolfe (Independent Scholar)

Science, Freedom, and the Cold War: A Political History of Apolitical Science


26 February

Carsten Timmermann (CHSTM)

How the Pharmaceutical Industry Learned to Love Cancer. A Case Study


12 March

Brian Balmer (UCL)

Understanding Biological Weapons Disarmament: The Historical Context of the

1972 Biological Weapons Convention


26 March

John Tresch (The Warburg Institute)

Barnum, Bache, and Poe: Forging Science in a Media Revolution, 1830–48


7 May

Rohan Deb Roy (University of Reading)

The White Ant’s Burden: Insects, Empire and Entomo-politics in South Asia


21 May

Rebecca Wright (Northumbria University)

The Politics of Heat: Energy, Health and Networks of Power in New York City,  1918–1968

Posted: January 25, 2019