CFP: Women in Science, Medicine, and Global Health Special Theme Issue

Call for papers

Women are rising. Recent reports of sexual harassment and assault of women by men in powerful positions have regalvanised solidarity around women’s rights, and remind us that disadvantage, discrimination, and sexism are a regular part of the lived experience of many women. These reflect broader and unjustified inequalities between men and women that have persisted across time, culture, and geography. That disadvantages exist for women in science, medicine, and global health is thus unsurprising—and yet wholly unacceptable.

What can a journal do? The Lancet prides itself on our focus on health equity, justice, and action. Here we announce a special theme issue to uncover and highlight the representation, experience, and promotion of women in science, medicine, and global health.

How can you help us? Submit your original research, analysis, and commentary to help create a set of transformative explanations and actions.

  • Read the entirety of our Call for papers.
  • Submissions to the women in science, medicine, and global health theme issue should be marked as such and submitted to The Lancet’s electronic submission system.
  • The deadline for submission is March 1, 2018.
  • All submissions will undergo normal peer review. We are assembling a group of advisers to assist with review of submissions and development of the theme issue.
  • We invite you to follow the ongoing discussion on Twitter using #LancetWomen.

Our focus is on looking forwards. We are not interested in descriptive pieces that cover known ground or describe the problem, but instead papers that extend understandings and best practices for science, medicine, and global health.

We recognise relevant best practices can lie in areas such as business, government, and the social sciences, and we also welcome submissions that use the lens of critical and feminist theories to impart new understandings and practices for advancing all women in science, medicine, and global health. Above all, we encourage submissions proposing new explanations and solutions that are bold, creative, and disruptive.

The Lancet has a long-standing dedication to supporting work that contributes to the ability of women and girls around the world to live safer, healthier, and more empowered lives. We look forward to your submissions.

Deadline: March 1, 2018

Posted: February 05, 2018