CFP: Thematic Issue- Interplay of Physics and Mathematics

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Call for papers

There has been a profound historical and epistemological interplay between physics and mathematics; however in educational contexts the two subjects are often treated quite independently. In physics education, it is not unusual to find mathematics being seen as a mere tool to describe and calculate, whereas in mathematics education, physics is commonly viewed as a context for the application of mathematical concepts that were previously defined abstractly. This separation extends from classrooms to the physics and mathematics education research communities. The separation demands a systematic research effort from experts in different fields, especially the ones who aim at informing educational practices by reflecting on historical, philosophical and sociological aspects of the scientific knowledge.

We therefore invite mathematicians, physicists, historians, philosophers and educators to contribute to this special issue of Science & Education. Both theoretical and empirical studies are welcome. Examples of topics:
– Historical case studies that highlight the mutual interplay between physics and mathematics (especially for the genesis of theories and concepts) and possible applications in education.
– Philosophical issues concerning the physics-mathematics relationship (e.g. Wigner’s puzzle, Explanation vs. Description, Induction vs. Deduction) and their educational implications.
– Theoretical frameworks for integrating physics and mathematics in educational settings (e.g. integrated courses, curricular concerns).
– Sociological and/or cultural aspects of this interplay: Differences and similarities between the aims and methods of mathematicians and physicists.
– Cognitive and/or psychological issues associated with the use of mathematical representations (e.g. equations, diagrams) for the learning of physics.
– Classroom experiments and/or teaching materials that propose integrated approaches for teaching mathematics and physics.
– Analysis of students’ difficulties and conceptions concerning the relationship between physics and mathematics.
– Implications of the physics-mathematics interplay for pre- and in-service teacher education.

Deadline for Submissions: July 1st, 2014
Submissions to: Choose Physics & Mathematics as mss type. Journal Style Guide is on web page and needs to be followed. Notification of intention to submit and subject matter is appreciated as it assists coordination and planning of the issue.

Questions and inquiries should be directed to the guest editor:
Ricardo Karam Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellow Physics Education, University of Hamburg Germany

Deadline: July 1, 2014

Posted: February 12, 2014