CFP: Studies in History and Philosophy of Physics and other Sciences

November 20, 2014, Online

We are currently preparing a special Issue that will be published in the journal Physics International, Science Publications,  (now open to receive submissions of full research papers and comprehensive review articles for peer-review and publication). The Theme will be Studies in History and Philosophy of Physics and other Sciences.

We would like to invite you to contribute a full research paper or long review for peer-review and possible publication in this special issue.

A success of this issue will also result in a near future conference. Criteria for acceptance include originality, contribution, scientific merit, accuracy and readability. The final paper format must follow the standards found in:  Manuscript Preparation: Attached is a template.

Manuscript Due: September 20, 2014

Publication Date: November 20, 2014

The Guest Editors for this special issue are

Guest Editor: Dr. Ioannis Harana, Dr. Omiros Ragos, Dr. Dimitar Todorov Valev, Dr. Evangelia Kotsikorou, Dr. Xenophon Moussas and Dr. Ioannis Gkigkitzis

Manuscripts and questions should be directed to Dr. Haranas (

This special issue devoted to the integrated study of history and philosophy of physics (from earliest times to the present day) will be published to give physics researchers appreciation of where the discipline has come from, and of the philosophical principles underpinning it. We aim to provide an advanced forum for studies related to the history and philosophy of physics including astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, biology, chemistry and mathematics. Furthermore, the special issue is devoted to all aspects of the history and philosophy of modern physics broadly understood, including physical aspects of astronomy, chemistry and other non-biological sciences, and will provide the opportunity to bring together scientists with interests overlapping with those areas mentioned below in the subject areas. The editors also would like to encourage studies that outline the general development of the main branches of physics as we know them today and even to discuss principal figures in each area. Articles discussing methodology, and reviews of the current state of knowledge and possibilities for future research, are especially welcome.

Moreover, this issue will publish reviews and research articles. There is no restriction on the length of the papers. Full experimental and methodological details, as applicable, must be provided, and the special issue will be supported by Physics InternationalPhysics International is a peer reviewed international scientific journal launched to cover current research in Physics. This journal is an open access and devoted to the publication of research / review articles concerned with the description, solution, and applications of physics. International journal is internationally oriented with contributions from a wide range of perspectives. Contributions will be from a wide range of countries and cultural traditions.

Manuscripts regarding original research proposals and research ideas highly appreciated. Manuscripts containing summaries and surveys on research cooperation and actual and future projects (as those founded by national governments or others) are likewise appreciated, as they provide interesting information for a broad field of users.

Subject Areas

  • Earliest Beginnings, and the Greeks
  • Atomism and corpuscularianism – from the ancient philosophy to the modern chemistry and physics.
  • The Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance
  • Development of the Scientific Method
  • Development of Classical Physics: Mechanics, Heat, Optics, Electromagnetism, Atoms
  • Modern Physics: Relativity and Quantum Physics
  • The Unification of Physical Phenomena
  • Dissemination of the Results of Scientific Research
  • Astronomy, Astrophysics and Gravitation
  • Mathematical Physics/ Physical Chemistry
  • Philosophical issues in Cosmology

Call for papers

Deadline: September 20, 2014

Posted: July 01, 2014