CFP: Northeastern University Graduate History Conference

March 18-19, 2017, Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Call for papers

“Power, Place and People: The Local and the Global”

The Northeastern History Graduate Student Association invites proposal submissions for its 9th annual graduate student conference to be held on March 18th-19th at Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts.

The 2017 conference title is “Power, Place and People: The Local and the Global.” The many layers of world history, ranging from the most local to the global, have never functioned independently from one another. As tempting as it is for historians to address their histories in isolated microcosms, it always remains true that every historical event has ramifications much wider than its immediate context, and it is this issue that our conference hopes to address. The conference hopes to explore a wide range of themes and topics in world history, addressing the many links and interactions between the global and local scales, and everything in between. The conference will ask how the currents of the world history narrative are noticeably affected by even the most local happenings, and how in return the local narrative can be so heavily influenced by global events.

Submissions may engage directly with a variety of themes including: Migration and Mobility, Class and Conflict, Urbanization, Space, Gender, Borders and Boundaries, Race, the Environment, Hegemony and Society, Theory and Practice and many more.

We invite graduate students in degree programs in history and other cognate disciplines to present work on any of these topics and more. We welcome presentations on digital and public history projects, as well as presentations that engage these themes in interdisciplinary ways.

We particularly welcome pre-organized panel proposals. Faculty are invited to volunteer as chair/commentators in their research areas.

Logistics/Conference Details:

When: March 18th-19th

Where: Northeastern University, Boston MA

Keynote: Trevor R. Getz, Professor of History, San Francisco State University.  “Echoes of Adwa: Memory, the Nation-State, and the World Historian”

Professor Getz is a historian of Modern Africa and the World.  His work focuses on Africans’ interactions with broader global trends and the historical legacies of colonialism and enslavement.  He has published on nineteenth century West Africa, post-apartheid South Africa, and is currently working on turn-of-the-century Ethiopia.  His graphic history Abina and the Important Men won the James Harvey Robinson Prize and his most recent edited volume African Voices of the Global Past: 1500 to the Present (2013), examines global history through an African lens, exploring themes such as the Slave Trade, Industrialization, Colonialism and the World Wars from a traditionally underrepresented point of view.

Format of Presentations: Accepted presentations are typically divided into three-person panels. Each panelist should expect to present their papers for approximately fifteen to twenty minutes.

To be considered, the following documents should be sent to the program committee at by Friday December 16th:

Individual Panelists:

  • 200-word abstract describing paper or work to be presented
  • Brief curriculum vitae
  • List of audio/visual needs, if applicable


  • List of all panel members (3 per panel) with designated chairperson, if applicable
  • 200-word abstract that discusses the theme of the panel
  • 200-word abstract for each paper or work to be presented
  • Brief curriculum vitae for each panelist and chairperson
  • List of audio/visual needs, if applicable

Accepted panelists will be required to submit their papers by Friday March 1st.

For more information about our past conferences, please visit our website at:

Deadline: December 16, 2016

Posted: November 18, 2016