CFP: Knowledge Transfer and Contexts

September 10-11, 2015, Center for Advanced Studies, LMU Munich

Call for papers

This workshop brings together researchers to address questions around the nature of knowledge transfer and its impact on scientific tools and practices. It will furthermore allow for discussions of different ways in which such transfers of knowledge can be studied. Processes of knowledge transfer, for example the transfer of psychological concepts and techniques into economics, occur in various ‘contexts’. They can involve particular scientists; occur in distinct spatial locations; undertaken with regard to distinct problems; be fostered by a network of scholars; take place in specific institutional environments; or are enforced through different uses of scientific theories, models or other techniques. The two-fold goal of the workshop is, first, identifying common patterns underlying knowledge transfer in distinct disciplines that provide insights into how such processes generally occur. Second, we will discuss empirical, formal, and qualitative methods from history, philosophy, and sociology of science regarding their usefulness to study processes of knowledge transfer. Both aspects are important to improve our understanding of knowledge transfer, to specify the conditions under which it can be successful, and assess the ways in which it contributes to progress in science.

Submissions of contributed papers are welcome from researchers with interests in knowledge transfer in all disciplines. We invite submissions of extended abstracts of max. 1000 words by June 7, 2015. The workshop language is English.

To submit your abstract, please send a pdf-file (including full name and institution) to There will be no registration fee for the workshop.

INVITED SPEAKERS: Pedro Duarte (Sao Paolo), Paul Humphreys (University of Virginia), Tarja Knuuttila (University of South Carolina), Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter), Chiara Lisciandra (TINT Helsinki), among others.

ORGANIZER: Catherine Herfeld (MCMP/LMU and CAS)

For more information, please visit

Deadline: June 7, 2015

Posted: May 26, 2015