CFP: Bias in AI and Neuroscience

June 17-19, 2019, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands

This conference intends to bring together scholars from various disciplines, including the cognitive sciences and the humanities, to discuss knowledges of human differences and bias in neuroscience and AI. Recent developments warrant critical consideration of the ways in which differences and categories are made (and perhaps un-made) in these fields, and of the ways in which bias relates to these practices. The conference will be organized in two broad and interconnected streams:

Bias and the making of scientific knowledge – How are patterns in scientific data made meaningful and relevant in neuroscience and AI? What are the epistemological and ontological underpinnings of scientific classifications of human differences? What are the social, technological, and institutional contexts by which these knowledges are constrained, and what role does bias play here? And (how) can we apply categories such as sex or race in our research in transparent and responsible ways?

Bias and the application of scientific knowledge –  How do neuroscience and AI guide our very understanding of difference, diversity, bias and prejudice? To what extent do ideas and technologies associated with neuroscience and AI expose, overcome, produce and/or reinforce harmful biases and prejudice? Finally, what (and who) is needed to develop scientific applications that accurately reflect and benefit the diversity of human bodies, identities, and experiences?

Call for papers

We invite abstracts for proposed papers of max. 250 words before January 1st 2019, to be submitted via Please indicate the stream for which the paper is intended, and include a short biography (max. 100 words). Selections will be based on quality as well as the fit with the conference theme and aims. After selection, participants will be asked to extend their abstract into a short paper (1500-2000 words excl. bibliography), which will be circulated to all participants one month prior to the conference. These papers will be due before April 15.

Go to our website for the full call for papers.

Deadline: January 1, 2019

Posted: December 06, 2018