CFP: Assessing Similarities and Gaps in Ageing and Disabilities: Towards Better Assistive Technologies

November 4-6, 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia

Session at the 4th European Technology Assessment Conference

In this session, we intend to bring together different perspectives which share practical examples and conceptual approaches in this empirical field and try to assess how these findings can be integrated into scientific and public debates. We will also reflect on what lessons can be learned from disabilities and ageing studies relating to the value-driven role and use of Assistive Technologies (ATs). The following questions can be helpful to inspire session contributions and further debate:

  • Are there good methods for discussing interactions between values of and needs for ATs?
  • What role does TA and its related activities play to ensure value-driven inclusion through ATs?
  • What is the importance and impact of the DIY assistive technology movement? What lessons can be learned from this movement?
  • What are the governance challenges or solutions for ATs in order to secure fairness, dignity, and well-being?

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The proposals for papers should be sent to by 31st March 2019 (deadline for the 1st Call for Papers). Applicants will receive notification of acceptance once all proposals have been processed by the scientific committee and session chairs.

Call for papers

Deadline: March 31, 2019

Posted: March 05, 2019