CFP: 44th Congress of the International Society for the History of Medicine (ISHM)

September 10, 2014, Tbilisi, Georgia

Call for papers

The Scientific Committee welcomes the submission of original contributions on the fields of the History of Medical Sciences and the Congress Topics. Accepted papers will be presented as Oral or Poster presentations.

Poster Sessions will be organized to complement symposia and cover additional fields and topics.

Abstracts must be submitted not later than May 31, 2014. Abstracts received later than May 31, 2014 will not be accepted. Should you need assistance or advice you may address to the Congress Secretariat via

Abstracts Guidelines:

Deadline for abstract submission: May 31, 2014.

An abstract template is available here.

Abstracts must be written in English or French in MS Word format and must include: title, authors, institutions and subtitles.

More specifically:


Arial, letter size 10 cpi, justified alignment, single space, no space between the paragraphs of the text, no space in the beginning of each paragraph. Only, 1 blank line should be left between the institutions and the subtitles.


Capital letters, bold, left alignment (e.g. TITLE)


All names should be written in Title Case, with the family name following the first name and the superscript at the end. The name of the presenting author must be underlined, but not the superscript. Names should be separated with commas. Please do not include degrees or professional titles (Dr, PhD, Prof,MD, etc.).
e.g. Μ. Papadopoulou1, A. Papadopoulos2

Address of Institution

As regards the institution name, Each Word Should Be Capitalized. First the Department should be mentioned; afterwards the name of the Institution/University; finally the City and the Country. All separated by comma. Please note that in case the City is part of the Institution name, then it should not be repeated before the Country (e.g. Department of Orthopaedics, University of Utah, USA).

When more than one institution is mentioned, the correspondence between authors and institutions should be done with the use of superscripts as per below.
e.g. Μ. Papadopoulou1, Α. Papadopoulos2
(1) Departmentof Neurosurgery,KlinikumOffenbach,AkademischesLehrkrankenhausderUniversität Frankfurt, Germany
(2) Department of Neurology, Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, Brussels, Belgium

Abstract main text – Subtitles

Maximum length 250 words.
The Abstract main text should include a SUMMARY, whether according to the writer, subtitles cannot be used.
Each one of the above mentioned subtitles should be written in bold, followed by a colon “:”, a space and then the description text. Each subtitle should start in a separate paragraph. No blank lines between the paragraphs.

Each abstract should be divided into the above four sections, provided the content permits it. Each section must be analyzed in a separate paragraph, preceded by the relevant title. There should be no spaces between paragraphs. Abbreviations of terms can be used, provided their explanation is included in parentheses, when they are used in the text for the first time. Please so not identify author(s) or institution(s) in the text.

Acceptance of papers for review

Abstracts of papers will not be accepted for review, in any of the following cases:

Deadline for submission of the abstract (May 15, 2014) is not strictly respected
Missing data or forms
An abstract exceeding 250 words
If instructions are not followed, abstracts will be returned to sender / writer to correct them, if the abstract deadline hasn’t expired. In case of the submitted abstract which does not respect the rules and there is not time for correction due the abstracts deadline, it will be disqualified automatically. We recommend that you do not let the presentation of your workfor the last week, as the electronic system can be overloaded and may not be able eventually to submit your abstract.

Authors are responsible for the content since the abstracts will not be edited.

Audiovisual Equipment

Facilities for laptop use, power point presentation and Computer Assisted Presentation will be available.


Posters will be displayed in a special room adjacent to the main hall.

Publication of accepted papers

The abstracts of all papers presented will be published in the book of abstracts.

Abstract Submission

To Submit an Abstract you may follow this link. Should you need any further assistance you are welcome to contact

Deadline: May 31, 2014

Posted: February 17, 2014