CFC: Science in Public Conference 2019

July 10-12, 2019, Manchester, UK

The 13th annual Science in Public conference will provide an innovative, engaging, and creative interdisciplinary space to explore the intersection of science and publics. Taking place from Wednesday 10 to Friday 12 July 2019, the theme for the conference is ‘the global and the local’; the organisers hope to increase engagement between practitioners and researchers locally, nationally, and globally whilst also thinking through the implications of science communication and practice on the different scales we are often expected to and need to work on. The conference is open to variety of formats and content, which means that the sub-themes of the conference will be driven by the submissions that we receive. We are looking to include the widest possible range of perspectives in the programme content and encourage you to contact us with questions you might have about potential contributions.

Call for Contributions

We are particularly keen to encourage proposals addressing questions such as the following:

  • What lessons can we learn from science communication practice, public engagement, and science policy work that’s built around the needs of local communities or local opportunities?
  • What are the opportunities and pitfalls of scaling up locally successful approaches to address wider audiences?
  • How can the international research community benefit from taking a broader range of global perspectives – in particular, perspectives from the global South – into account?
  • Does the global reach of large online media platforms threaten established approaches to science communication at the national or local level?
  • How has the professed universality of science influenced attempts to speak to multiple audiences, or bring different audiences together? What are the practical limitations of this approach?

Another priority for this year’s conference is to increase engagement between science communication practitioners and the research community. We are offering a number of bursaries (see below) to aid practitioner attendance, and are looking to include the widest possible range of perspectives in the programme content.

See more information by visiting the website or emailing Sam Illingworth.

Call for papers

Deadline: March 29, 2019

Posted: December 20, 2018